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Bardic Circle is a place where people get together and share various artforms they enjoy taking part in. You can sing, or dance, or play an instrument, or read poetry, short stories, or chapters of longer stories, real life experiences that you want to share, anything you can think of.

We tend to play lot of improv games ahead of time to get people relaxxed, and comfortable with each other, and at the same time get people into a creative mood. Bardic circle is a semi-chaotic assembly of created minded people, all ages are welcome, though to keep people comfortable we'd preffer mature, and unjudgemental people. We don't want anyone having to walk on eggshells when trying to share personal stories.

This is a place where it's okay to say, "oh, I just thought of something, and jump up and preform something that pops into your head at the last second, provided you aren't interupting anyone else. There aren't really any rules as to what can and cannot be shared, though try to make sure it's not to grusume or pornographic. Note: bardic circle and those who organize it acknowledge that there is a difference between pornography, and art. Don't be afraid to share art containing nudity, and sexual content (erotic poetry, etc.), just try to find an appropriate level. Feel it out.

There are a few rules, just a few things to keep this in order.

1: Have fun and relax, please. If you're tense, you won't have fun, and you might make others tense too.

2: Respect others and their feelings. Pretty self explanitory, I think.

3: No drugs at bardic circle. Period. No exceptions. You can do whatever you want before hand, you can even leave and come back, but not at the circle. If you can help it, don't even have the stuff on you, leave it in your car, or a bag in the next room, or somewhere out of reach. Bardic circles are sometimes held in public places, or places where some of us work, and all are open to pretty much anyone. Keep those things in mind when thinking about this rule.

4:... There really aren't any other rules that I can think of. Besides be safe, and comfortable, and relax as much as you can. These are meant tom be fun, so give fun a try.